Hadith About Shias Being Best of Creation
[A Sunni Perspective]


In regards to the narration:

“You and your shias are the best of creation.”

It should be known that it is not authentic.

It was narrated in Tafseer at-Tabari in regards to Verse 98:7 of the Quran:

“Those who have faith and do righteous deads, they are the best of creatures.” (98:7)

29208 - حدثنا ابن حميد، قال: ثنا عيسى بن فرقد، عن أبي الجارود، عن محمد بن علي {أولئك هم خير البرية} فقال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: “أنت يا علي وشيعتك ”

From Ibn Humayd, Eesa ibn Farqad, from Abu Jarud, from Muhammad ibn Ali: “They are the best of creatures”, the Prophet said to Ali: “That is you and your shias.”

The narration is Mursal. The chain ends at Muhammad ibn Ali who did not see the Prophet, and as such, he could not witness the so-called event.

Additionally, the chain is extremely weak and goes through Rawaafidh (Shia extremists). The chain goes through Abu Jarud (Ziyad ibn Manzoor) and he was criticized by the scholars of Hadith.

Ibn Hajar said about him: “Rafidhi (Shia extremist) who was declared to be a liar by Yahya ibn Ma’een” (Taqreeb Al Tahzheeb 1/221), and he described him as a “liar and not trustworthy” (Al Jarh wal Ta’deel 3/454).

Dhahabi reported about Abu Jarud in Mizan (#2965):

قال ابن معين: كذاب. وقال النسائي وغيره: متروك.

Ibn Mueen said: “He is a liar.” Nasai and others said he is Matrook.

Abu Hatim Muhammad ibn Hibban al-Busti in his book “Marjoohin” (p.306) wrote about him:

روي عن فضائل أهل البيت أشياء ماله أصول

“(He) narrated baseless stories about the honor of Ahlel Bayt.”

وقال أحمد أبو الجارزد متروك الحديث

And Ahmad said: “Abu Jarud is matrook ahadeeth.”

Ibn Abu Hatim reported in his book “Jarh wa tadeel” (#2462):

حدثنا عبد الرحمن قال سمعت أبا زرعة يقول زياد بن المنذر أبو الجارود كوفى ضعيف الحديث

From Abdur-Rahman: I heard that Abu Zura said: “Ziyad ibn Manzoor, Abu Jarud Kufi: Dhaeef (weak) al-hadeeth.”

Additionally, we find Eesa bin Farqad in the chain, and he is the one who narrates from liars and abandoned people (matrookeen) such as Jaabir Al al Ja’fee (Jaami’ Al Jarh wal Ta’deel, 1/122)–the Rafidhi (Shia extremist) who used to believe that Ali ibn Abi Talib is the beast of the earth and that he didn’t die and that he is in the clouds and that he will come back to this earth.

Article By: Abu Ali Efendi Abdullah al-Ujari, www.ahlelbayt.com

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