A Shia Killed Sayyiduna Hussain


The fact that the Shia of Kufa are the ones who abandoned Sayyiduna Hussain has already been discussed earlier. What the Shia propagandists will reply to this is that “sure, the Shia are the ones who didn’t defend Sayyiduna Hussain but it was the Sunnis who actually killed him!”

However, this is not true at all. The man who killed Sayyiduna Hussain (i.e. gave the death-blow) was a man by the name of Shimr bin Thil-Jawshan and he was a Shia, as recorded in both Sunni and Shia books. Shimr was part of the Shia, and then he betrayed Sayyiduna Hussain and joined Yazid’s men, giving Sayyiduna Hussain the death-blow.

To provide a solid proof of this fact (i.e. that Shimr was a Shia), we refer to the esteemed and classical Shia scholar, Al-Qummi. Al-Qummi, author of the famous book “Mafaatihul-Jinaan”, writes in his book: “I say, Shimr was in the forces of Ameer al-Mu’mineen on the Day of Siffin.” (Al-Qummi, “Safinatun-Najaat”, vol.4, p. 492, Chapter Sheen Followed by Meem)

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